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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Questions And Answers:

Yes i check every day on comments to make sure i'm not missing any questions!
I will post them all here when i answer them,
as WELL as leaving a comment on the blogger who asked it's page.
(Newest Questions will be post here at the top of the list)

Q: When is the contest deadline?

A: Noon (eastern time) on Halloween. (Oct. 31st)

Q: I sponsored a category, can I still participate in the contest?

A: you sure can! I won't put you in the category for the one you sponsored but we'll get you in there.

Q: What if my post can be in two categories?

A: If it's most likely put it in whichever one I feel it belongs in. And yes, it's possible to have overlapping categories.

Q: What happens if I win two categories?

A: One of those 2nd place winners will win the second category. This way everyone gets a shot at winning.

Q: All the photos that entered the contest before mine, already have comments on them saying they're voting for them. And, that's not fair, because we entered later.

A: Not to worry! They're not really counting as votes. We're glad to see comments on all the photos- because it's great fun, and it's nice to acknowledge each other. But, voting will ONLY be by poll at the end of the contest.

Q: Can't we have the list of photos all on the front page instead of having to click the
older posts button?

A: Yes, however, it slows up computer time. We tried this- and people wrote us telling us their older computers were much too slow for it. And we want everyone to be able to pawticipate and have fun. So, please use the archive right now on the side panel, and try to visit often- this way you won't miss any! 6 shots will be posting on the main page.

Q: I can't figure out how to login and post my photo?

A: You simply enter the login as : halloweenspookee
and the password: simplyfrightful
just like that.
(yes, all lower case!)

Q: I'm still having trouble getting it to work?

A: If it's not working- you can email us your photo with what you'd like it to say,
and we'd be more than happy to post it for you. You can email us at

Q: How do we vote?

A: The contest ends on October 31st. After that polls will be open for each category. Voting will probably last a whole week to make sure that everyone has a chance to vote. Voting will begin on November 1st, and go until noon, Sunday November 7th.
Winners will be announced Monday November 8th.
(Subject to change!)

Q: Do we vote on pictures now?

A: If you leave comments- i will figure that the photo is well liked. However no, you can't vote right now. All voting will be done by poll.

Q: How do we vote for the viewer's choice category?

A: There will be a poll for the viewers choice category as well. This way we'll make sure everything is kept so that you don't have to worry about hurting feelings.

Don't forget to visit the Rules Page.


White Dog Blog said...

Hi Hansel
Is it possible to move the entry pictures closer to the top of the blog and put the rules; q&A under? That way, everyone wouldn't have to scroll so far to see the costumes and some wouldn't fall into the older posts next page where they might be missed? Don't know if you can, but it is just a thought.

Danielle said...

Just to be sure I'll ask: Can I vote for more than one entry?

Sweet Purrfections said...

Hi Hansel,

Just a suggestion - one of the things I did to make it easier to vote on the Nude Calendar Cat contest was to put the pictures for each category into a collage. That way, everyone didn't have to scroll through the old posts. I don't mind helping out to organize, if you'd like.

Noll's Nip said...

Good deal....I am going to email you a couple of photos :)