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Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Rules and Regulations AND Sponsors!!

HI!! Contest Closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stay tuned for voting!

Please put that on your blog to encourage others to enter, or to sponsor!

Contest is open to ALL cats & woofies with blogs.


Log In: ---
Password: ---

**If you can't figure out how to post, just email the contest entry to:
halloween spookee AT gmail DOT com
floofy mc flufferson AT gmail DOT com
and we will be more than happy to upload it for you.**

The contest will be closed on October 31st at noon.
Then polls will be around after that for the following week for each category.

Hope to see tons of entries!!!

The categories:

We (Hansel Tesla and Benneh) will be sponsoring the:
These costumes MUST be actually ON the animal- no photo shopping please for this particular category. BTW- we are also entering this contest. HOWEVER- if we win, the prize will go to the second place winner!

The White Dog Army is sponsoring:
These costumes must be on the animal - no photo shopping please for this particular category.

The White Dog Army
is sponsoring:
(for example, see Phantom's winning entry from 2 years ago)

The White Dog Army is sponsoring:
Fantasy Halloween
open to dogs AND cats, whose entries involves photo shop or special techniques
to create their scene or costume

The Katnip Lounge is sponsoring:
The Lamest Costume
open to dogs and cats, but no photoshop allowed- example to come!

Gracie is sponsoring:
Best Bean Costume
This entry is open to ALL beans who have a furry who has a blog! Please make sure to include a link under the photo including your furry's name. This category does NOT allow photo shop- so you must be in costume. Please include a saying under the photo, and having the actual furry in the photo is optional! This entry is only open to the residents of the USA for gift shipping purposes.

The Cats of Wildcat Woods are sponsoring:
Most Resistance to Wearing a Costume
Pick your best shot of you trying to get away from Mom who is trying to put a hat, dress or whatever on you! Or a pic of you very unwillingly wearing some part of a costume! Have fun!

If you are interested in sponsoring a category (where you make up the category, prizes, and rules) please email us at:
you can contact us here on the blog!
Right now we have 7 categories, and 7 great prizes!

Some rules:
  1. Please put your name in the title line of the entry. In the entry please put a link to your blog. You must have a blog to enter this year. If you don't know what category you belong in- don't worry about it. We'll sort you into the right one!

  2. You do NOT need to specify a category that you are trying to win. And, if you are sponsoring the contest with a prize, yes, you can still enter
3. please do NOT add music or anything that will slow up other's computers.

4. Photoshop costumes are accepted, and it will be posted under the fantasy halloween category.

5. No voting will be possible until finalists determined, and a poll will be opened. This date is november 1st. You can vote until the following night, monday, nov 2nd. Hopefully each category will have finalists.

6. I encourage you to point out your entry to your friends,
because if we have a sponsor for viewer's choice, you could really use your friends!

7. Rules are subject to change. Please have fun!

8. All furries can have their own post on here. So, if you are 4 animals in
one home, each animal can have ONE post with ONE picture. :)

9. If you won a category last year, please change your outfit this year. We want to give someone else a chance to win! :)

We really want to see you all enter this year, so if you don't want to wear a costume, please either photoshop, OR, give a great excuse why you didn't wear one!

Get goin!

If you have any questions, please let me know!
Or you can check out the previously asked questions and answers:
Questions & Answers!

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