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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And the winners are....

For Best Cat In Show:

Boris Kitty, for Franken Kitty.

You will be receiving an award from us. :)

For everyone else, i will contact your sponsor of the category you won, and you can work out getting emails and addys from each other.

For Funniest Cat Costume:

Ginger Jasper as the Little Devil

Best Dog Costume:

Mack as Peter Pan


Thunder as a knight came in at a close second.

For best excuse:

Phantom and the shirt torture

For Best Photo Shop:

Scout Holmes Pawtective

Cutest Cat:

Wally for creature of the night

And, as viewers choice for best costume, you picked

Freyja Poppins

Thanks to everyone who participated this year, i hope you all love your prizes, and we plan to do this again next year! Only start a lot earlier to get more entries!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Contest Categories:

Here are all the categories, and who we've put in each category.
Vote by poll please!
There will be no comments allowed on this post---
This is just to let you quickly jump to a post for a category-
and to see each entry before you vote.
Remember, you can only vote once in each category, so make sure
you know who you are voting for.

Best Cat In Show:

Pharoh Pickles
Frankenkitteh Boris
Harley The Evil Clown
Zoey the Pumpkin Head

Funniest Cat Costume:

Abby, Da Grouchy Jester

Grayson, the Race Car Driver
Tamir The Cowboy
Cousin Trooper the Clown

Hendrix, Max the Psycho Kitteh
Ginger Jasper the Little Devil
Chevelle, the Che-Devil

Photo Shop Costume:

Ernie the Pirate
Scout Holmes, Pawtective Extraordinaire
Freyja Pawppins
Isis the Peacock
Charybdis, Socks, & Scylla as Venetian Royalty
Maggy as Alien "A"
Zoey as Hansel's Cute Clown

Cutest Cat Costume:

Bela as Pumpkin Pie
Gandalf the Quarterback Sneak
Sniffie the Neon Green Bat
Wally is a Creature Of The Night
Patches is the Kitty Crusader
Tesla is a Bumble Bee
Hansel as a Lady Manbug

Best Dog Costume:

Scottie the Disgruntled Valedictorian
Thunder is a Knight
Phoenix is Triton
Aladdin is Poseidon
Sally is Tinkerbelle
Mack is Peter Pan
Hana is Mickey Mouse
Benny is a Lobster
Shiloh & Shasta as King & Queen of the Ball

Best Excuse Why You're Not Wearing A Costume:

Ariel is a Nudist

Angel is... ahem, too plump
Fenris Wolf is already scary
Oskar eats costumes
Phantom went through shirt torture
Whitey is too cute as it is

And then the viewers choice- which is EVERYONE in costume. Even Photo Shop. :)