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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hallowen Contest Entering Deadline- OVER

Thanks to all of you that participated!

It is now 600 pm 10.31.09.
The password has been changed.

Polls will be going up tomorrow for each category. You will be able to vote until Monday, Nov. 2nd.

Viewers Choice IS going to have a poll as well--- and all animals will be listed with costumes. I will have quick links to each animal in each category for you to quickly look at them and help you better decide who to vote for.

See you all tomorrow! Make sure you tell ALL your friends to go vote for you!

the polls will be on the left side of the blog!

Phantom Doesn't Wear A Costume Because...

Hi, I'm Phantom.
This photo is from the summer after I had a very large tumor
I don't wear costumes anymore after that horrible shirt torture
my hoomans subjected me to!

I blog over at The Chronicles Of Woo.

Da Grouchy Jester Kitteh

Dis iz Abby (az in Abby-Normal-Somfin) herz iz nun too happy about being a court jester dis Halloweens!

hers iz ma sisfur ~ @BorisKitty

Pharoh Pickles

Dis iz Picasso herz iz dressed as da queen of denile...oops da Nile....MOL.

hers iz ma sisfur 2 ~ @BorisKitty

Pumpkin Pie Bela

Bela (az in Lugosi) iz a beary cute lil pumpkin pie head izn't hers!

hers iz ma sisfur ~ @BorisKitty

Shiloh & Shasta

We are all ready for the Halloween Ball
Shiloh with his lovely date, Shasta
the Kingn'n Queen of the ball!

We blog over at Beagles- Love'em

(you will get to vote for each pup separately!)


I iz showin off ma FrankenKitty costumey. I iz Boris (az in Karloff) Kitty so I just hads ta be a Frankenstein's Monster kitteh.

But I iz such a cute one ain't I?

See more of ma Halloween Adventures...

Ariel's excuse for no costume

Errr... Ummm.... I'm a nudist there I admit it.

If you want to see more of me my blog is here....


Gandalf the Quarterback Sneak

But Mom says I am more like a Wide Receiver, and then she laffs and laffs. I don't get it.
Happy HelloScreamz, everybuddy!
I blog at DailyGs with mai brothers Grayson and Whitey!

Whitey duz not need a costume b'cuz

Whitey iz almost too kyoot as it iz!
Happy HelloScreamz, everybuddy!
Whitey blogs at DailyGs with mai brothers Gandalf and Grayson!

Grayson the Race Car Driver

I am wearing mai Race Car Driver tee-shirt because you have to be really, really fast when those pesky Trick-or-Treaters start knocking at the door!

Happy HelloScreamz, everybuddy!

I blog at DailyGs with mai brothers Gandalf and Whitey!

Angel's excuse for no costume

I am so bummed I'm not in costume today! Auntie Peggy said she couldn't find a costume big enough for me. I'm crushed!

I've been staying over at Laila and Minchie's for a a while so that's where you can find me.


Today by 600 pm est- all entries MUST be in!!!! Please make sure you enter by then! even enter the best excuse why i didn't dress up category! trust me, the gifts in this contest- are wonderful!!!

Your sponsors have worked very hard on selecting the best gifts to give the winners of their categories.

I hope we continue to see entries throughout the day- good luck to you all, the poll will be up tomorrow and you can start voting.

Fenris Wolf ~ I am scary enough without a costume

No Mommy, I will not wear a costume. If you try to make me look ridiculous I will squash you flat. I will squash you like a bug. Besides do you honestly think you could find a costume to fit me? You could, well I am scary enough without one I am FENRIS WOLF and don't you forget it. I blog at Alasandra, The Cats and A DOG!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Zoey the Pumpkin Head

Don't call me Pumpkin Head
or I'll put the bitey on you!!

You can see more of me at The Island Cats!!!

Tamir the Cowboy

Tamir says he's tired after a long day at the Ranch. Being a Cowboy is hard work! Tamir thinks some extra temptations tonight would be the purrfect Treat!! Tamir blogs at Friends FurEver

Cousin Trooper is clowning around

Trooper says, don't I make a handsome clown? These bright colors really show off my tuxie markings. I blog with my cousins at Friends FurEver

Sniffie - Neon Green Bat Girl

Sniffie says being a Bat Girl can be sylish and spookee at the same time. Catitude is effurything!
An added plus is the floof at the bottom of her dress which can alternate as a toy!! My blog is Friends FurEver

Scottie The Disgruntled 'Valedictorian'

Hi all, I'm Nottie Scottie...
I guess I'm supposed to have a speech and all, being a 'valedictorian', but Mom took me off guard as you can clearly see, so I shall remain disgruntled and not say a word. *pouts*

Oh, Happy Halloween to everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hendrix as Max the Psychokitty

I, Hendrix, am dressed as my idol, Max the Psychokitty!

Check out my "tuxie" cat look. I am also displaying a few of my best selling published works and a formerly full plate of stinky goodness provided by "My Woman" aka Servant (and inhaled immediately by me). Tiny little Buddah is of course represented cause he likes to do everything I do, and to show my displeasure at the plate of stinky goodness being empty...two pieces of "poop" for the pillows.

I am wearing my best, do what I tell you or I'll poop on your pillows look.

The camera does not capture the glory of my, Max's, blog very well. But is is stunning.

Wally is a Creature of the Night

I'm a Creature of the Night...
'specially at 3 am when I walk on
the humans' heads while they're sleeping!!!

Happy Halloween!!

You can visit me at The Island Cats!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Harley is an Evil Clown!

Ah hahahahaha!
My evil laugh might scare you away
Do you sense danger 'neath my colorful toupee?
Harley the Evil Clown
will turn your smile upside-down

I blog at Daisy the Curly Cat

Thunder is a knight!

Hello, I am Thunder.
I blog over at The Chronicle of Woos.
I am a knight, in shining armor.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ernie the Pirate!

Arrrrrr, Mateys!!
It's Ernie the Pirate wishing everybuddy
Happy Halloween!!!

You can visit me at The Island Cats!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Phoenix is Triton

Phoenix is King Triton, Greek God of the Sea!
A handsome merman, he is dressed with a fish tail, human chest, seashells, and he even has a magical conch shell about his neck!
He rules his vast domain with the help of his father, King Poseidon,
and of course, his sparkling gold trident.

You can find Phoenix at his special dog page-
---> Right Here! <---

Aladdin is Poseidon

Aladdin is King Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea!
He is a strong merman, complete with fish tail, human chest, seashells, and golden tridents
which is how they control the sea!

You can find out more about him at his dog page,
--> Right Here! <--

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scout Holmes, PAWtective Extraordinary

Scout is a little bit nosy and wants to know what everyone in the neighborhood is up to. When we go for rides in the car he wants to know who is in what automobile, what they look like and if the need a dog to bark at them. If a critter has passed through our yard when he has been inside, Scout investigates and sniffs and snooters until he knows who they were and why they were there and where they were going.

That is why Mr. Scout Holmes is a PAWtective extraordinary!

The Sw♥♥t, Gentle Freyja PAWppins

Freyja PAWppins
Freyja is gentle and loving and sweet and kind and just the best nanna when her momma's grandkids are staying the night. She is dressed as she should be - as the most famous nanny of all! Be sure to drop by her home on the web!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oskar as Me And My Shadow!

Oskar from The Daily Oskar

I am not allowed to wear costumes since I eat my clothes and then I have to be taken to the V-E-T to get the clothes removed out of my belly. My mom person says we cannot afford that right now.

I found my way around her silly rules, by being Me & My Shadow.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby Patches da Kitty Crusader

Hai furriends!
Dis is me in my new costume,
believes it or not these boots are pawsome!
MOL Purrrrrrrrrrs

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sally as Tinkerbelle

Sally, from Mack And Sally Ann
is the lovable Tinkerbell!
Isn't she beautiful?!

Mack as Peter Pan

Mack, from Mack And Sally Ann,
is the brave brave Peter Pan!

Ginger Jasper the Little Devil

Ginger Jasper,
Little Devil or little imp...
Maybe just an angel in disguise...
you decided...
hugs, GJ x

Chevelle the Che-Devil

I am from The Creek Cats
I really can be a little devil sometimes, so
this costume is pretty fitting for me.
Happy Halloween, Furiends!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hana is Mickey Mouse!

Hi, this is me, Hana the Dog. Every year, my silly Mom insists on dressing me up as Mickey Mouse. I'm pretty good at playing dress-up and humoring my Mom, but one day I hope I can dress up for Howl-o-weenie as a pretty girly butterfly. I'm a social butterfly so I think I'd make a good butterfly. It would be neat to have sparkly wings and then I could flutter in the air. Well, maybe I'll have better luck next year.

Isis the peacock

Seeing as there is no way i, Princess Isis, would ever allow anyone
to dress me up,
sister made me a photo shop peacock costume.

It's not very good, but, oh well! i get to pawticipate.


Charybdis, Socks & Scylla ~ Venetian Royalty

It's Charybdis, Socks & Scylla dressed as Venetian Royalty (courtesy of SS and our Carnival trip last year. Lucky us Mommy saved the costumes). We hopes you think we look gorgeous cause these headpieces weigh a ton. We blog at Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Tesla The Bumble Bee

Hi. My name is Tesla.
I'm from The World Of Hansel.
I'm the only girl, and I rule the house.
Aren't I the cutest bee?
Answer carefully.

-Tesla "the smasher"

Hansel The Lady Bug

Hi, my name is Hansel.
I'm from The World Of Hansel.
(yes, i'm so great I have my own blog)
And I wouldn't cooperate for my photo.
Follow our adventures some time!


Benny the lobster

Hi, my name is ben. I'm from The World Of Hansel and I really don't want to be a lobster.



You know I rarely do clothes or costumes,
but my Alien Friend "A"
who shall otherwise
remain nameless encouraged me to
borrow a couple of "zooths" for us to wear...
do we scare you? BOO!


OK, so I know this is an "old" costume. But my ZH is too busy
making them for other kitties to think about me!
Such is life, a cat's life, my life.
Happy Halloween Everykitty and Everywoofie!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rules and Regs


I know i loved the halloween contest last year- and i've decided that since no one took the initiative to start the next one- we just couldn't sit back and watch the cb go without a contest!

Our dear friends over at Zoolatry, made us new badges for your side bar!
You can use them and link back here!

Hansel even made voting badges for your sidebar! (shabby, we know, but we tried.)

Like previous contests- there will be a log in for all the CB
to just join in and put up their entry.

WE will start taking entries NOW! And, you don't have to be super creative. Just have your beautiful (or incredibly handsome for the mancats) face in a costume ready for halloween.

Contest is open to ALL cats, woofies, and other furry creatures.

Post an entry- with ONE photo please, of your best costume. And,
each baby in a home can have their own post.
So, if you have a home with 5 cats, and wish to enter all 5, you can do so.

Entries will be accepted until October 31st, at 600 pm EST.

We already have a spot being sponsored by the lovely Laila & Minchie, for category of FUNNIEST CAT COSTUME category!

I will be give a prize out to the
BEST CAT IN SHOW category.

The Kitty Crew
will be sponsoring the
Best Photoshop Costume Category!

The Island Cats will be sponsoring the
Viewers Choice Costume Category! (that includes photoshop)

Baby Patches
will be sponsoring the
Cutest Costume Category!

Siku The White Dog is going to sponsor the
Best Dog Costume Category!

Siku The White Dog, is also sponsoring a brand new kind of category,
the Excuses Why I'm NOT Dressed Up Category.
(Explanation from Siku: "Hansel, Best Reason for Not Wearing a Costume but Still Deserving Treats category is for who are not a clothes wearing woofie or cat but who want to still get into the fun. Send Hansel your best reason for not dressing up along with your case for why you should get treats; creativity counts!...for example: i don't wear costumes because i am a member of the actor's union and cannot perform without minimum wage but i deserve treats because i am a STARVING artist and i will remember you when i become a STAR!")
this makes it possible for EVERYONE to play! Obviously this category will be only for
those not dressing up or photo shopping. Best excuse wins a prize!

If you are interested in sponsoring a category of your choice, please email us at:
But as of right now, we have 7 categories, and 7 prizes!

And let me tell you, they're great prizes!

Some rules:
  1. Please put your name in the title line of the entry.

  2. You do NOT need to specify a category that you are trying to win. And, if you are sponsoring the contest with a prize, yes, you can still enter
3. please do NOT add music or anything that will slow up other's computers.

4. Photoshop costumes are accepted, however, since those poor kitties that have to actually wear the costumes have to endure the embarrassment and harassment from other kitties, they will generally win a category over a photoshop. sorry!

5. Like the contests before, finalists WILL be announced. No voting will be possible until finalists determined, and a poll will be opened. This date is november 1st. You can vote until the following night, monday, nov 2nd. Hopefully each category will have finalists.

6. I encourage you to point out your entry to your friends,
because if we have a sponsor for viewer's choice, you could really use your friends!

7. Rules are subject to change. Please have fun!

8. All furries can have their own post on here. So, if you are 4 animals in
one home, each animal can have ONE post with ONE picture. :)

Winners will be announced Wednesday November 3rd.

Get goin!

Also, you can check out the QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS PAGE

Questions And Answers:

Yes i check every day on comments to make sure i'm not missing any questions!
I will post them all here when i answer them,
as WELL as leaving a comment on the blogger who asked it's page.
(Newest Questions will be post here at the top of the list)

Q: When is the contest deadline?

A: Noon (eastern time) on Halloween. (Oct. 31st)

Q: I sponsored a category, can I still participate in the contest?

A: you sure can! I won't put you in the category for the one you sponsored but we'll get you in there.

Q: What if my post can be in two categories?

A: If it's most likely put it in whichever one I feel it belongs in. And yes, it's possible to have overlapping categories.

Q: What happens if I win two categories?

A: One of those 2nd place winners will win the second category. This way everyone gets a shot at winning.

Q: All the photos that entered the contest before mine, already have comments on them saying they're voting for them. And, that's not fair, because we entered later.

A: Not to worry! They're not really counting as votes. We're glad to see comments on all the photos- because it's great fun, and it's nice to acknowledge each other. But, voting will ONLY be by poll at the end of the contest.

Q: Can't we have the list of photos all on the front page instead of having to click the
older posts button?

A: Yes, however, it slows up computer time. We tried this- and people wrote us telling us their older computers were much too slow for it. And we want everyone to be able to pawticipate and have fun. So, please use the archive right now on the side panel, and try to visit often- this way you won't miss any! 6 shots will be posting on the main page.

Q: I can't figure out how to login and post my photo?

A: You simply enter the login as : halloweenspookee
and the password: simplyfrightful
just like that.
(yes, all lower case!)

Q: I'm still having trouble getting it to work?

A: If it's not working- you can email us your photo with what you'd like it to say,
and we'd be more than happy to post it for you. You can email us at

Q: How do we vote?

A: The contest ends on October 31st. After that polls will be open for each category. Voting will probably last a whole week to make sure that everyone has a chance to vote. Voting will begin on November 1st, and go until noon, Sunday November 7th.
Winners will be announced Monday November 8th.
(Subject to change!)

Q: Do we vote on pictures now?

A: If you leave comments- i will figure that the photo is well liked. However no, you can't vote right now. All voting will be done by poll.

Q: How do we vote for the viewer's choice category?

A: There will be a poll for the viewers choice category as well. This way we'll make sure everything is kept so that you don't have to worry about hurting feelings.

Don't forget to visit the Rules Page.