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Saturday, November 6, 2010

And the 2010 Halloween Costume Winners Are....

Best Cat Costume:

Gracie Is A Witch

Best Dog Costume:

Maverick Is a Bumble Bee

Best Excuse Why I'm Not Wearing A Costume:

Iza not after she was fixed

Fantasy Halloween:

Gadget In A Crystal Ball

Accidentally Looking Scary:

Milo Looks Scary

Tuxedo Halloween Cat:

Herman Has Some Pumpkin Fun

Viewer's Choice:

Phoenix Is An Organ Grinder

To the winners- we will be contacting your category sponsors most likely tomorrow to let them know who won :)

To those of you who sponsored this year- thank you so much for helping us to have this contest again this year! We appreciate all the help!!!

To all of you who participated- THANK YOU and we hope you had tons of fun this year! Even if you didn't win this year, there is ALWAYS next year!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Categories & Who is in them!

Here is a list for the polls- so you can view each category and contestants easier.
please view and vote for your favorite one in each contest!
The polls will be open early, tonight Oct. 31st
until friday November 5th at midnight.
Winners will be announced on Saturday the 6th.
Good luck!!!

Best Cat Costume:

is Super Cat
Bob the pirate
Boris is Supah Kitteh
Brian is a pharaoh
Busby is Hello Kitty
Clemmie the orange bug
Cyndi is bugged
Gracie is a witch
Harl-Eye monster
Ivy the devil cat
Jasper is the pumpkin king
Luna the pumpkin queen
Midnight is a pumpkin
Minchie is a pumpkin head
Patches is a cowgirl
Pepper is an Old Lady
Persephone is Cat Dusa
Rascal is a pumpkin
Ruby is royalty
Samantha witchie poo
Virgil the devil!
Zoey is a witch cat

Best Dog Costume:

Aladdin is a monkey
Andy is the beast
Asta is a moo cow
Benny is a lobster
Butchy is a cowboy!
Maverick the bumble bee
Phoenix is an organ grinder
Sally Ann is Belle
Shasta the fairy princess
Shiloh the biker dude
Trixi the Chinese Pup

Best Excuse Why I'm Not Dressed Up:

Iza not after she was fixed!
Tenzing will eat you if make him wear a costume (big vishus man cat!)

Fantasy Halloween:

Aladdin & Phoenix organ grinder and a monkey
Alfie in a pumpkin patch
Angel is a witch
Bob hides behind a basket.
Boris is Supah Kitteh
Butchy is a cowboy
Gadget in a crystal ball
Hailey gets attacked by killer clowns
Isis the cat tires of halloween.
Lala is possessed
Mickey the black cat
Miles is an alien
Mindy poses for halloween
Noll is trapped in a strange world
Saylor and the Owl
Shasta the fairy princess
Simba the Orange cat
Sophie checks out a pumpkin
Tabitha sucks blood
Yoko like pumpkins
Zoey has a candy corn toof.
Zulu is an owl

Accidentally Looking Scary:

Al is a ghost
Batu Khan stretches a scary stretch.
Ben the cat is covering your coffee table.
Cameron has multiple eyes
Charlie looks evil
Danielle and her spooky yawn
Ernie is looking spooky
Gizmo has laser eyes
Grr don't take her spot!
Isis the eskieplays cookie
Jack with all his toys
Khyra is ghostly
Maggy looks pretty creepy
Milo looks scary
Missy Blue Eyes hisses at her intruder
Nicholas evil fuzzy pants
Praline looks evil
Raymond looks like an alien.
Romeo looks mad at the pumpkin
Sagira has cake stuck on her mouth
Sammy the vampire
Star Walker Bit Cat Computer Kitty is yawning evilly
Target freaks out

Tuxedo Halloween Cat:

Angel is a witch
Danielle is a scary yawner
Cameron has multiple eyes
Herman has pumpkin fun
Pepper is an old lady
Samantha witchie poo
Virgil the devil!

Viewer's Choice:

All of the entries above PLUS
Tesla is a princess
Hansel is a man bug
(couldn't enter into best cat cause we are sponsoring that!)

Well, is everyone who entered!
vote for your favorite photo of ALL of them!

Pepper is a WHAT

Hi Guys I know we are late for the noon deadline on the east coast...but on the west coast.....LOL
No Pepper says we should leave it up to you all if he can compete!

So what is Pepper?

He's an old lady! I tried to wrap a blankie around him but the numb nuts kept knocking it off! LOL

Happy Halloween!

Persephone- I'm Cat-Dusa!

Mommy's making us matching costumes this year! I'm Cat-Dusa! Riding...um, napping on a Monster-Cat!

I share my brother's blog (Jack of all Shades and Shadows)!

Tenzing-Why I'm not wearing a costume


I took over Jack's blog
(Jack of all Shades and Shadows)

Jack-Accidentally Scary

My OTW is SOOOOO lazy! But at least she's not making me wear a costume this year! This me being accidentally* scary when she took a picture of me with my birthday presents!

(*Not accidentally.)

I have a blog (Jack of all Shades and Shadows) I have to share with my sister, and the Unnecessary Kitten.


::sigh:: I'm a very tolerant girl, but costumes? A nice pumpkin hat is the best I'll do without scratching and biting. Everybody here has great entries - thanks for a fun contest!


I wanted to join in, but I'm not very pleased about wearing the pumpkin hat. Not very pleased at all.

(you can find me at http://grrmidnightcocoa.blogspot.com, though my name isn't on the blog title. why is that?)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I actually was having a nice leisurely nap right before this picture. I didn't mean to look scary, I was just having a nice big yawn!


Not Scary Herman

This is as dressed up for Halloween as I am going to get. I am entering the Tuxie Halloween Contest. Come over and see me at Herman's Hideaway.

Simply Frightful Batu Khan

Don't you think I look like one of those cats that belong on Halloween merchandise? I just need to be black to be more authentic.

Come visit me at my Blog here.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shasta "Fairy Princess" Beaglebratz

Shasta "Fairy Princess" Beaglebratz
This Fairy Princess is looking for her Biker Dude.


Shiloh "Biker Dude" Beaglebratz

Shiloh "Biker Dude" Beaglebratz
all ready to head out on his "Hawg"
for a night of Trick or Treating.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ivy the Reluctant Devil Cat

Mom tricked me by putting this on while I was groggy from napping. I don't do costumes and she got only one photo with me in this before I was fussing to get it off!
All us at Cats of Wildcat Woods wish you a fun Halloween!


It's me. Grr. I'm entering "Accidentally Looking Scary For Halloween" because the Lady said I should, but just between you & me - I was looking scary ON PURPOSE! Cocoa was trying to take my nap spot! Imagine the ferocious growl that came with this look...if you dare.
(more of me at http://grrmidnightcocoa.blogspot.com, though an illness in the family has delayed our return to blogging a bit)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nicholas EvilFuzzyPants

I am Nicholas FuzzyPants Meezer but I think that this pikshur proves that I wear the EVIL PANTS!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA.  MOL.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky Ernie!

What would Halloween be
without a spooky Black Cat??

Zoey is a WitchCat!!

Double, double toil and trouble!
Fire burn and caldron bubble!!

Happy Halloween!

(visit me at http://island-cats.com)

The Harl-EYE Monster!

Look into my many EYES
You might stare with great SURPRISE
To see a MONSTER with shiny SKIN
Until you see I'm just the Harley QUINN!

You seen see me at Daisy the Curly Cat's blog!

Sally Ann is Belle

I am Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Mommy had my dress made special for me.


Andy is the Beast

Andy is The Beast, from Beauty and the Beast


Bob is a pirate

He says, you must give him Whiskas Tuna treats or else he will cry a lot.


Betty is Super Cat

This is Betty's picture. She likes to organize and sort stuff, so she elected to be Super Cat. She organized and sorted all of Nana's paper stuff.


Charlie Looks like an evil halloween kitteh

I know I know it's not scary at all but he does look rather cross!


Trixi is Chinese

Trixi is Chinese if you please!


Zulu Owl

The hooman finks Zulu looks like an owl and calls him MR WHO so she made him an owl =^_^=



Howdy pardners. Wanna ride in my wagon?

I'm Cowboy Butchy and this is my wagon. Mama made my costume including my hat a few years ago for me.


Mickey the Black Cat

Hi! I'm Mickey and
here is my entry for
Fantasy Halloween


Luna is the Pumpkin Queen!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ginger Jasper the Pumpkin King

Jasper is a pumpkin and his look says ok mum I will humour you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Gizmo Accidently Looking Spooky

This is Noll's cousin Gizmo.
You can visit him at

You've heard of laser eyes....
well, Gizmo's eyes are on fire!
This photo was made black and white,
However, Gizmo's eyes are unretouched.



Happy Halloween from Royal Ruby!

I'm the queen of the Mutton Hollow Kitties that live with Butchy & Katie, the wire fox terriers. Mama made this costume just for me.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


I WONT wear a costume!

Because I had to wear this awful thing for 2 weeks after my ladygardenectomy operation… I'll never wear any clothes again!

Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever!!!!

Please help me...



Happy Halloween from Yoko

Yoko and all of us here at Cats of Wildcat Woods wish you all a very spooky, happy, fun Halloween! Hope you get lots of treats and no tricks.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gadget's Fantasy Halloween

Here's our buddy Gadget doing his best impression of a "vampire bat in a crystal ball." Notice he's upside down -- he actually lays this way -- and showing his beautiful white fangs. This handsome, smart and talkative dude currently lives at PAWS in Norwalk, CT.

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Mindy Poses for Halloween

I'm trying my best to look like the Halloween cat in the poster. You've noticed I'm not black and I'm scared to stand on a real pumpkin. However, how's my pose??

Team Tabby

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hailey in "Attack of the Killer Clowns"

Hailey in her scaaaarry movie role from "Attack of the Killer Clowns."

Happy Halloween to all my furiends!!

Hugs & smoochies!!! XOXOX



Entry for: Accidently looking scary for Halloween

Tabitha, Vampire Kitty

I am Tabitha, Vampire Kitty from Transylvania of a place called Wildcat Woods. Don't get too close to me. I am very hungry and need to feed....

Lala's Paranormal Activity

Lala from Hailey the dog has been missing! Could this possessed creature be her????

Don't be freightened my furiends!!!! It's only me, Lala!!!! Happy Halloween!!! Bwaaaaaa!!!!!

Sparkles of love

Entry for: Accidently Looking Scary For Halloween!!!!

Noll's Fantasy Halloween

Noll is trapped inside a crystal ball.
And he isn't alone....

Asta MooCow

I hope I don't scawe anyone wif this fewocious moocow outfit
I hope evewyone has a most spooktaculaw Halloween!
smoochie kisses

Cyndi is Bugged

Percy: Sniff, sniff. Cyndi, is that you under there?

Cyndi: Yes, Jan put this bug on my head and said she's going to post my photo online. I'm going to die of embarrassment. Please help me get it off before she finds her camera.

Percy: I would but I don't dare. If I help you take it off your head, Jan will put it back on mine. And bugs on the head just aren't mancatly.

Cyndi: sigh. I'll never live this down.

Jan's Funny Farm

Ghost Cat

Booooo! I am Al from Cats of Wildcat Woods and I coming to haunt you all week before Halloween so be very worried! You won't know I am there but I will just appear next to you. Boooo!

Accidentally Looking Scary For Halloween

This is Target from Katz Tales in Malaysia jumping out of his fur because his pal Au is hiding under the chair cover. Think we'll win Accidentally Looking Scary For Halloween?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ben from Cat's Cats

Count Catula

Hi Everyone, I'm Benjamin from Cat's Cats and this is my entry for the "Accidentally Looking Scary at Halloween" category. I hope I didn't frighten you too much :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010