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Monday, October 31, 2011


Some furries may be entered into TWO categories!
This is for special furries that did a little extra something
with their entry. Whether it be for wearing a costume but
looking REALLY angry about it
Or for wearing a costume and also doing a special scene in the back!
Each category does have its own rules set by the sponsors. Thanks!!
Voting starts November 1st and runs until November 2nd at 10pm est!
Please vote for your favorite costume, not just your best friend because they are your best friend! Each nominee is entered in the categories below, and there are links to get you to the nominees entry to help you when you vote. The polls open Nov 1st and will be located on the side bar to the right.

(this category features cats actually wearing costumes!)

Binga the shark

Boodie is a vampire

Boris Punk Rocker

Carlos the cowboy

Chica the she-devil

Grr is a shark! (yes a real fin)

Hansel The Lobster

Harley Bananner

Jasper is a warlock

Julie the White Witch

Link Bartholomew is a pumpkin

Meerkat The Witch

Neytiri the Bruja

Oui Oui the pirate

Panda Bear the Pirate

Pixel the witch

Rascal is a shark

Riley is a shark

Sparkle the butterfly

Tesla The Bee Lady

(dogs actually wearing a costume!)

Benjamin Barker The Princess Schnau

(open to all dogs and cats with their best 'reasons' why they don't wear costumes!)

Buddy wore a cone

Cookie picks fights

Gracie puts the bitey on

Mica Mini Moo is a scaredy cat

(dogs and cats using photo shop or special techniques in their photo, for costume or special scene)

Alfie is a warlock

Allie is a witch


Animal Shelter Volunteer Life is trick or treating

Artemisia is Bast


Clementine is a vampire

Cokie as Darth Cokie

Cousin Trooper


Ellie is a witch


Grr is a shark


mamacita is in a crystal ball

Maverick is a werewolf

Mica Mini Moo is scenery

Milo the devil kitteh

Opus and Olive Break Down

Rascal is a shark

Riley is a shark

Ruis and Karl the owls

Samantha zombie princess

Scylla is a nurse


Tamir is a warlock

Truffle is a devil

Wally, Ernie, and Zoey

Zoey is a lego

(dogs and cats wearing a 'costume')


Brulee is cute


GT doesn't dress up

Sweetpea is a Zombie

Snowball is a piggy bank

Yoko Buccaneer

Woody is a Quarterback

(open to all humans that have a furry who owns a blog. Humans MUST be in costume, no photo shop allowed. Open only to usa residents!)

Baybee Butterfly

Cheri is a Zombie

Jan the bag lady

Opus and Olives owner is a witch

(cats and dogs who either are running away from the staff trying to put the costume on, or very very grumpy in their photo wearing it)

Binga is a shark

Boodie is a vampire

Cookie hates costumes

Jasper is a warlock

Julie the White Witch

Meerkat the Witch

Oui Oui the pirate

Riley is a shark

Sparkle the butterfly

Tillie wants it off

Wooo! that took mom a LONG time!!!!

Pixel the Witch

You can visit me, pixel, over at my blog!


I am kirby!
you can visit me at my blog http://awizardandanangel.blogspot.com/

Neytiri the Bruja

I am Neytiri the Bruja!
Which is Spanish for witch!!!
Please visit me at my blog- www.iblogfornum-nums.blogspot.com

Sparkle the butterfly

how do YOU think i feel about this costume?

Come visit me over at my blog, http://www.sparklecat.com/

Boodie is a vampire!

Hello, i am boodie!!!
Come visit me over at http://www.sparklecat.com/

binga the shark!

i am binga the shark kitty! i am laying on my fin in this photo but its there!

you can visit me at http://www.sparklecat.com/

GT doesn't dress up

here is my lame costume! I'm not sure what my people were trying to make me into MOL

visit me at my bloggy!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Owls For Halloween

The wise ones, Ruis and Karl, are ready for some tricks this Halloween.


Mom says I don't need a costume to be a She-Devil! I can hiss, spit and growl with the best of them, especially at the V-E-T, if I don't want them to do the procedure on me! Joey will be my next victim if I have my way!

Happy Halloween from Cats of Wildcat Woods.


The Wicked Witch has trapped me in her crystal ball and I can't get out! Heeelllppp meeee!!!!!!

Have a spooky Halloween from Cats of Wildcat Woods.

Link Bartholomew the Pumpkin

I am very embarassed to share this picture of me in my pumpkin costume. I did not wish to dress up for Halloween this year, but Marmie and Diddy made me. How could they do this to me?

Click here to read my blog: Link Bartholomew

The Devil Made Me Do It

Truffle, of Sweet Purrfections, had to have the assistance of Ann of Zoolatry and her Photoshoppiong expertise to get dressed up for Halloween. Truffle thought wearing a devil costume would offset her beautiful white and silver floof. Truffle is looking forward to having a little sister to blame everything on this weekend!

Truffle of Sweet Purrfections (http://sweetpurrfections.blogspot.com)

A Special Treat for Halloween

Brulee of Sweet Purrfections is giving Mom Paula a special treat for Halloween! Brulee says her costume is that of being a cute kitten.

Trick or Treat!

Brulee of Sweet Purrfections (http://sweetpurrfections.blogspot.com/)

Cookie Hates Photo Shoots Involving Costumes

Cookie of The Furry Bambinos does not mind having her photo taken
Except when Costumes are involved
This Year, Cookie created a Diversion
By picking a Fight with Panda Bear
To Try to Get Out of Posing in Costume

Witch Meerkat

Witch Meerkat Gives You Her Come Hither Look
She Blogs at The Furry Bambinos

Pirate Panda Bear

One-Eyed Pirate Panda Bear of The Furry Bambinos
Wishes you a Furry Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Meow-loween!

Wally, Ernie and Zoey

hope you all have a

Spooktacular Halloween!!

Visit us at our blog...The Island Cats!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bag Lady Jan

Well, Jan has finally done it, humiliated us beyond belief! We didn't want any of you to know our Staff is a bag lady, but she insisted this is the only costume she has to wear. So we are submitting it. But please don't tell anyone she is the human at Jan's Funny Farm blog.

(s) the Funny Farmers
Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam

Harley Bananner!

It is ME! The HARLEY QUINN! Why did I dress up like a BANANNER this year!? Because I could not find a POTATO costume.

Did you know that I am a little bit SPOILED? I sat in the SUN too long today! Happy Halloween!

You can visit me at Daisy the Curly Cat!

Happy MEOWloween! :)

Happy MEOW-loween from Chef Moosey and Master Sammy (and our mom and dad) at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life! As you can see from this fun picture, some of our pals from PAWS [(L to R) Nurse Diamond, Good Witch Marmalade, Queen Claire, Princess Praline and Officer Carter] got to join us for some trick or treating. We hope they (and all the rest of shelter cats) get forever homes of their very own soon. Now THAT would be the best treat of all! :)

Buddy Says No to Costume

Well, I'm Buddy of Jan's Funny Farm and this is why I say, "No, I will not wear a costume!"

Earlier this year I had to wear a cone for a while and since I'm a contortionist, I couldn't wear a soft one. I tried everything to get it off or reach around it. I rammed it into everything in sight, and I did gymnastics that worked for the soft cone but this time I destroyed the hard cone's protective edge around my neck. One day Jan went to put on my halti for our walk and my neck was wet. That's when she discovered my neck was raw and bloody. So she had to remove the hated cone so my neck could heal.

And that's why I will not wear a costume!

Howling Werwolf by Night

I am really a very not nice werwolf um I mean a very sweet Doggie!!
Visit me at Life From A Cat's Perspective
Sweet Doggie Maverick

Zombie Phanthom By Night

Tuxie Princess or Zombie Phanthom?
Visit Me At Life From A Cat's Perspective
Sweet Tuxie Princess Samantha

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vampire Kitty By Night

Oh my!! Is that really Me!!
Sweet & Innocent Clementine


Opus & Olive's human

Cat Naps In Italy's human is enjoying a bewitching moment by the magical halloween pond.

Ginger Jasper is a Warlock

It's me jasper!!!!
To learn more about me,
please visit my blog, http://pughysgingerfurball.blogspot.com/!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello! i am Darcy!
Learn more about me over at
Purrfect Haven


Hello, i am bingley!
See more of me over at
Purrfect Haven!


Basket case

Hello all!
I am Angel, and this is my entry for Lamest Costume!!
You can see more of me over at
A Wizard And An Angel


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cousin Trooper on Halloween

Yikes....Cousin Trooper looks furry SPOOOKEEEE in this picture! He says there is no way he's tasting that stuff that Allie made in the cauldron even if she did make sure it's right next to his treat bag!!!

Cousin Trooper blogs with us at Friends FurEver. Please stop by and say hi to him there.

Ellie loves Halloween

Ellie wants to know who put Eye of Newt in her treat bag???

See more of Ellie at Friends FurEver

Tamir says Orinch is a good color for Halloween

Even though he's a big boy, Tamir doesn't like things to be too spookee. He thinks that bat makes a nice bow tie and would be happy if you would put something good in his treat bag!

See Tamir at Friends FurEver

Allie the Witch

Allie is checking out all of the Spookeee things that go bump in the night. We don't think you want to try the stuff cooking in that cauldron!

You can see more of Allie at Friends FurEver

Mica Mini Moo

I am the lucky kitteh, as i am in the window overlooking the decorations!
I'm a big scaredy cat so i was granted permission to opt out of costumes this year.
Learn more about me over at :

Oui Oui the pirate tabby

I am Oui Oui the pirate tabby.
Learn all about me over at http://twinkletoetails.blogspot.com/

Carlos the cowboy

Hello! i am carlos, and i am being a cowboy today.
I am also thrilled.
You can learn more all about me over at http://twinkletoetails.blogspot.com/

Julie the white witch

I am a white witch for halloween.
Don't i looked thrilled?
You can learn all about me over at http://twinkletoetails.blogspot.com/

Monday, October 24, 2011



See my little pink tongue? Stop saying it's cute - I'm trying to show that I want to eat humans! I am furry-o-shis!

The shark fin is a real costume that's really strapped on, but the water is courtesy of the Formerly Blonde Girl. See my sister Riley & Grr with the fin too - posts follow. Midnight & Cocoa refused to join in, and nobody wants to try putting the fin on Max.



I am a shark.

Yup. As you can see by Grr and Rascal (the posts on top & bottom of me), the Lady got us a shark fin for halloween. I'm wearing it cuz I'm a good sport. Right. Pretty darned disgusted with this costume wearing stuff, but a good sport all the same. Ignore the tag. Ignore the straps. Real sharks have tags and straps. They do. I read about it on the internet, so it's gotta be true.


Don't tell anybody about this, okay?


I am a shark. The Lady got us a shark fin and tried to put it on me. I freaked out and started running backward, trying to get the thing off my back, knocking over all kinds of stuff along the way. Finally my Formerly Blonde Girl got me to calm down and pose. Then she added the background. If I had to pose anywhere near REAL water, they would've seen how shark-like I really am!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Carolina Panthers quarterback Woody Newton relaxes after his big win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Heeheehee, Mom is on a roll with these pun costumes! Come on by to visit us this week for the Cats of Wildcat Woods Halloween Spectacular!

The Break Down!

Opus and Olive have a break down.

Heading out for some Halloween we found ourselves in a not so good of a place to have a break down. We sure hope AAA arrives quickly!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Since all of us Cats of Wildcat Woods HATE to dress up, Mom is going with the easy (dumb) costume ideas. Care to guess what I am?

A Piggy Bank! (I know...lame, huh?)

Buccaneer Yoko

It's me Yoko from Cats of Wildcat Woods. Can you guess what I am? A Buccaneer (buck an ear) --- get it? Heeheehee

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baybee Butterfly

As you can see, our baybee bean,
was not too thrilled to be a butterfly.

My furries are hansel, tesla, & ben ben.
Follow us over at the world of hansel.

Goodness Gracie~Why I'm Not Dressed Up

I am entering the category~

Best Excuse Why I'm Not Dressed

Goodness Gracie

Well, actually I don't know where to start . . . so let's start with last year's contest. The mom decided to enter me in last year's contest so I was dressed up in a really cute witch's outfit and I am happy and to say that I won! Now you might think that is all the more reason to dress up this year but I say no. The reason being you ask? Well . . . I really don't know how to say it . . . but . . . it wasn't my most shinning moment . . . you see . . . now this stays between us right? When the mom was dressing me I bit her . . . yes I did and I am truly sorry but I really didn't like the clothes. But it gets worse . . . she kept trying to dress me . . . and well . . . I kept biting her. It took the dad to handle the situation and well let's say he won, I was dressed, the photo was taken and entered in the contest. I don't want to ever bite the mom again when I am mad so this year we came to the agreement that she wouldn't dress me and I wouldn't bite her. This photo shows me as close to fall Halloween things as I am going to get this year.

So now you know why I am not dressing up this year. Remember this stays between just us ok?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Boris Kitty Punk Rock Bad Boy

Dis punk rock putty tat haz plenty of cattitude to go round! I a bad boy and I kin skeer da pants off da humanz wif just one look! Really I a tuff guy wif a heart of gold.

I'll be showing off all my Halloween pikshurs over on my bloggy, includin my famous Boris-o-Lanterns. BOO!Happy Halloween everybuddy from BorisKitty.com – 4 Paws for a Cause