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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Categories & Who is in them!

Here is a list for the polls- so you can view each category and contestants easier.
please view and vote for your favorite one in each contest!
The polls will be open early, tonight Oct. 31st
until friday November 5th at midnight.
Winners will be announced on Saturday the 6th.
Good luck!!!

Best Cat Costume:

is Super Cat
Bob the pirate
Boris is Supah Kitteh
Brian is a pharaoh
Busby is Hello Kitty
Clemmie the orange bug
Cyndi is bugged
Gracie is a witch
Harl-Eye monster
Ivy the devil cat
Jasper is the pumpkin king
Luna the pumpkin queen
Midnight is a pumpkin
Minchie is a pumpkin head
Patches is a cowgirl
Pepper is an Old Lady
Persephone is Cat Dusa
Rascal is a pumpkin
Ruby is royalty
Samantha witchie poo
Virgil the devil!
Zoey is a witch cat

Best Dog Costume:

Aladdin is a monkey
Andy is the beast
Asta is a moo cow
Benny is a lobster
Butchy is a cowboy!
Maverick the bumble bee
Phoenix is an organ grinder
Sally Ann is Belle
Shasta the fairy princess
Shiloh the biker dude
Trixi the Chinese Pup

Best Excuse Why I'm Not Dressed Up:

Iza not after she was fixed!
Tenzing will eat you if make him wear a costume (big vishus man cat!)

Fantasy Halloween:

Aladdin & Phoenix organ grinder and a monkey
Alfie in a pumpkin patch
Angel is a witch
Bob hides behind a basket.
Boris is Supah Kitteh
Butchy is a cowboy
Gadget in a crystal ball
Hailey gets attacked by killer clowns
Isis the cat tires of halloween.
Lala is possessed
Mickey the black cat
Miles is an alien
Mindy poses for halloween
Noll is trapped in a strange world
Saylor and the Owl
Shasta the fairy princess
Simba the Orange cat
Sophie checks out a pumpkin
Tabitha sucks blood
Yoko like pumpkins
Zoey has a candy corn toof.
Zulu is an owl

Accidentally Looking Scary:

Al is a ghost
Batu Khan stretches a scary stretch.
Ben the cat is covering your coffee table.
Cameron has multiple eyes
Charlie looks evil
Danielle and her spooky yawn
Ernie is looking spooky
Gizmo has laser eyes
Grr don't take her spot!
Isis the eskieplays cookie
Jack with all his toys
Khyra is ghostly
Maggy looks pretty creepy
Milo looks scary
Missy Blue Eyes hisses at her intruder
Nicholas evil fuzzy pants
Praline looks evil
Raymond looks like an alien.
Romeo looks mad at the pumpkin
Sagira has cake stuck on her mouth
Sammy the vampire
Star Walker Bit Cat Computer Kitty is yawning evilly
Target freaks out

Tuxedo Halloween Cat:

Angel is a witch
Danielle is a scary yawner
Cameron has multiple eyes
Herman has pumpkin fun
Pepper is an old lady
Samantha witchie poo
Virgil the devil!

Viewer's Choice:

All of the entries above PLUS
Tesla is a princess
Hansel is a man bug
(couldn't enter into best cat cause we are sponsoring that!)

Well, is everyone who entered!
vote for your favorite photo of ALL of them!


Lucky Lady said...


Old Kitty said...

Oooh Lucky lady just use the email given on the FAQ page - I did cos I didn't know how to load my kitty's pic and they were very nice and did it for me!! I hope you're not too late!

GOOD LUCK everyone - you are all beautiful kitties and doggies!! And you are ALL WINNERS!!

Happy halloween - thank you Tesla, Hansel and Benny for hosting!!

This was such fun! Take care

Jack, Persephone and Tenzing said...

But...but.... I'm a MAN-cat!!! A Big Fierce Man-Cat!!!


Halloween Spooktacular! said...

Sorry Tenzing- we fixed it for you!

Old kitty- the deadline was closed and the polls were up by the time they posted that comment, i let them know on their blog.

The Crew said...

Wow, you ran a great contest, Hansel and we have some tough choices to make!